Saturday, October 21, 2017
By partnering with Premier Employer, clients discover that they have more time to focus on their core competencies and on company growth.

Talent Acquisition


Premier Employer Services also offers a comprehensive Talent Acquisition package that is able to provide you with professional employment services for your company designed to lower the cost of hiring by combining our efficiencies as a PEO with 21st Century recruiting technologies.

While most recruiting firms merely attempt to source candidates that are qualified according to a job description Premier Employer Services goes much further in-depth to profile candidates that fit into your unique culture.  We do this by means of a sophisticated profiling system and use of our in-depth relationship with you, our client, to secure a candidate that is not only qualified to do the job but also fits into your unique corporate culture.

Our Recruiting Philosophy

As HR professionals we tend to have a keen eye for talent.  In today’s job market, finding qualified candidates is not the issue, but finding the right candidates that will make a positive contribution to your business can be.  Our recruiting service is priced and structured accordingly. 

We don’t believe in the traditional ‘head hunting’ approach.  Our philosophy is that if an employee is happy with the company they work for, then they should stay.  Instead, a typical placement for us starts with getting to know the core values, personality types and overall skill set necessary for the position.  We will then write and post advertisements, evaluate resumes, conduct several rounds of interviews, and present our clients with the top 2-3 candidates.

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