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New overtime rule announced that impacts exempt and non-exempt employee status

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Creating inspired, successful teams with comprehensive employee engagement

Denver PEO Company

It’s about finding that balance in reaching and surpassing your business goals and keeping your team happy, passionate, and properly nurtured. We make that happen with integrated benefits and employee engagement solutions that just make sense. Finally.

PEO Services, Employee Engagement, and Benefits – Simplified

As a business owner, you’re dealing with a thousand things in a given day. Where you’d rather let go, we thrive. Let us focus on the mechanics of employment and engagement so you can get back to what you do best – growing your business.

Why Do I Need a Professional Employer Organization?

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Comprehensive solutions for employee engagement with people who care

We provide a comprehensive and holistic solution to all of your employee engagement needs. To us, your employees are as good as family and we believe it’s important to treat them as such. We work together to identify and create the best program to accomplish your business goals and nurture your workforce to their highest level of satisfaction. Accomplishing this requires a detailed look at your organization, your teams, and the needs they truly have. Keying into this allows us to create a perfect package of integrated benefits, and employee engagement strategies to keep your employees successful and inspired.


Let's Do This

We’ve been told we’re good listeners

Listening is the key to creating a plan of action that has real impact and produces real results within your business and for your employees. We listen at every level. We listen to you so we can understand your big picture, your long-term vision and your immediate needs. We listen to your employees so we can detect where disconnect may be happening and identify areas for improvement. We listen to the industry so we are constantly challenging the norms, staying on the cutting edge, and making innovative moves that mean –

more for you. Our ability to listen on multiple levels translates into a unique ability to be your right hand man whenever you run into roadblocks. We listen because without the breadth of knowledge we gain from hearing you out, we wouldn’t be able to operate with integrity. After all, if we don’t really get what you are trying to do, what matters most to you, and what matters most to your employees, how the heck can we create a plan that truly fits?

Treating your employees like family is second nature because when we do, you succeed. And when you thrive, we succeed. We’re not in it for the thrill of the sale. We want to be with you as you grow. We want to help you navigate the inevitable growing pains with ease. We want to help you succeed no matter how your definition of success evolves. We’re in it for the long haul.

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Complete Human Resource Needs

Consulting, compliance, payroll services and more. We manage the costs and mechanics of employment flawlessly and with heart.  You really can’t beat that!

HR Consulting

Elevated Engagement Plus

Passionate people don’t just happen, we help you create them. Digging deep and finding out where your goals and their needs meet is one of our favorite things to do.

Employee Engagement

Fully-Integrated Benefits

Health, Vision, Dental, Disability, Retirement plans, Life and more – let your employees know they are taken care of with the perfect integrated benefits package for your business.

Employee Benefits


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