Employee Engagement and Integrated Benefits That Create Real Results

Denver PEO Services

When it comes to offering the right combination of things to attract, keep, and encourage the right people, we understand that it’s not as simple as throwing together some benefits, cutting checks, and calling it a day. That’s why we offer integrated and comprehensive solutions with heart.

Employee Engagement

To get where you want to go, keeping your team happy, productive, and fully engaged with their work as well as the larger vision for the company is key. Doing this well requires a lot of listening, the right kind of responding, and implementing changes that keep your barreling down the road to success. We’ll help you make sense of what your employees are telling you and determine the best moves to make to keep your employees successful and inspired all while minding the costs associated with keeping the right people on board.

HR Consulting

Having people who get people on your side is crucial to your employee’s success. That’s why we have human resource experts on hand to help tackle even your toughest HR situations with poise, extensive knowledge, and just the right amount of good humor. Whether you just need a little advisement or want us to take over the whole kit and caboodle, let us help make your team the happiest and most productive they’ve ever been.

HR Compliance

Regulations, rules, and requirements, oh my! There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to the latest and greatest in HR compliance, but we know it all as soon as it’s available. We have the ability to keep you ahead of the curve and adaptable to the changes the minute they happen, so you’re never left behind.

Employee Benefits

No two businesses are the same, and your benefits packages shouldn’t be, either. Using our Elevated Engagement Plus approach, we dig deep to understand what your needs really are and develop a package of integrated benefits that makes sense and leaves no doubt in your employees’ minds that they are taken care of in every aspect without costing you a fortune.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services are simple but robust. Utilizing the most advanced payroll technology and pairing it with our team’s expertise, we handle the processing for you and your team without batting an eye. You get peace of mind with real-time reporting and we ensure you never have to worry about on-time or accurate paychecks for your people again.


The right benefits, accurate and efficient payroll, even a solid HR department don’t mean much if you’re working with the wrong people. Our team can help determine if qualified candidates are the right fit for the culture you’re trying to establish and assist with other recruiting needs. Salary negotiation? Gotcha covered. Talent acquisition? Check. Offer letters, job descriptions, candidate qualification screenings? Oh, heck yeah. When it comes to getting the right people where they need to be, we’re there for you.


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