Why Premier Employer Services?

Why Choose Denver’s Leading PEO & Payroll Services

Our dedicated team of workforce optimization specialists helps you implement your personalized program and will pay close attention to your needs as they grow, evolve, and change along with your company and workforce. The earnest care we have for each and every one of your employees has led us to truly deep and lasting relationships with our clients.

When you come to Premier Employers, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the of a team who will:

  • Understand the intricacies of your needs
  • Have expert knowledge of all the pieces of the human resources puzzle and deep understanding of where and how they all fit in for your business.
  • Help you to enhance the employee experience through pinpoint accuracy and care
  • Provide comprehensive employee engagement expertise with a human touch
  • Strive to create a better world by working together as a trusted partner
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Comprehensive solutions for employee engagement with people who care

We provide a comprehensive and holistic solution to all of your employee engagement needs. To us, your employees are as good as family and we believe it’s important to treat them as such. We work together to identify and create the best program to accomplish your business goals and nurture your workforce to their highest level of satisfaction. Accomplishing this requires a detailed look at your organization, your teams, and the needs they truly have. Keying into this allows us to create a perfect package of employee benefits, and employee engagement strategies to keep your employees successful and inspired.

Behind everything we do is a deep, resounding belief that we must help others with our talents and continually challenge the norms. It’s about much more than providing benefits for your company. For us, it’s about making sure everyone is taken care of and feels heard and seen. Our Elevated Engagement Plus approach makes that possible by:

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